prevent your item from damagePackaging Service

professional packaging service for international shipping

Why this service?

This service is free and we will auto package well for every parcel we ship
People may ask: My seller has already shipped the parcel to you with good package,So I don't need to use this packaging service again,right?
REASON 1:Let's view the photo on the right, that's the parcel what we usually receive from shipping company to our warehouse. parcels shipped inside China usually use a low level packaging as it only take 2-3 times unloading and loading operation on the way.But for international shipping, the unloading and loading operation can be more than 6-7 times on the way. So it need much stronger packaging. Most of parcels arrived our warehouse are already broken and can not be used to ship again!
REASON 2: We wish to make the damage rate as less as it can be to reduce both our trouble and improve our reputation in this industry. So the packaging service fee is very cheap which is only able to cover the cost of packaging material and human laber.With so little invest, you will even save your total cost because we use good and light material to try to make the parcel weight even less!
broken parcel after shipping

5 layers hard box

We never use the 3 layers box to package items as it is not strong enough.5 layers hard box is always our choice
5 layer box in shipping

dunnage bag

Dunnage bag is very light,soft,strong for fragile also good to be used to fill the blank space in the parcel.It a kind of material that we often use
shipping packaging

packaging example 1

shipping packaging

packaging example 2

shipping packaging