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  • I understand you will give me a Chinese address. Is it a P.O. box address?
  • Can I start using OSHIP.CC services immediately after I sign up?
  • How do I use the Chinese address?
  • What is "waybill" mean in OSHIP ?
No. OSHIP provides you with a complete street address and unique suite number, not a P.O. box.
Yes. Once you activate your account by validating your email address, You can start using the Chinese address we show you in user center to shop on line or send items to this address.
Here's the detail of Chinese address:
Country: 中国
Province: 广东省
City: 广州市
Town: 白云区
Street 1: 黄石街道
Street 2: 江夏东一街一巷10号 + Your OSHIP ID
Recipient: 江燕锋
zipcode: 510900

You can use this address to receive merchandises from any mechant in China
In OSHIP, We don't care the content of your merchandises.We only care about which merchandises will be shipped with one tracking number. So we define that some merchandises were shipped to us or shipping to you as one "waybill".
When you want to combine shipping merchandises that are shipped to OSHIP from multiple tracking number to you,you need to combine them to a single waybill first.


  • What should I do if I fail to receive activated email ?
  • How does my OSHIP online account work?
  • Can I login my account in two computer at the same time?
  • What's the usage of default setting in my account?
Try to find it in the trash or spam catalog. If still not find the email, please contact us to activate manually
1.Check if your merchandise has been received.
2.Create a ship request.
3.Check the status of your shipments
4.Change any of your account details such as shipping address and recharge balance to your account and default process setting.
You will receive an email notification when you receive a package.
No. For secure reason, We do not allow to login at different computer at the same time. Once you login in with another computer,Your currect login session will be closed.
There are two main options in default setting:
1.Alway repack my parcel immediately when it arrive warehouse:
--If you click "yes" to this option, We will repack your each waybill that arrive in OSHIP warehouse. The repack service fee will be charged when you request to ship out this waybill.
2.Alway ship my parcel immediately when it arrive warehouse:
--If you click "yes" to this option, you will be asked for more information for this option as screenshot below oship default setting image... If you choose this option, your waybill will be shipped to the default address with default shipping method once it arrive at OSHIP warehouse. You don't need to request it to ship again in user center. But make sure your account balance is enough to pay the shipping fee!


  • What payment method do you accept ?
  • Is it necessary to recharge in order to pay?
  • Can I request a refund for the OSHIP balance?
  • Can I pay via credit card?
We accpet the following payment method:
1. Paypal
3.Western Union
4. MoneyGram
5.Wire transfer
No, You can pay directly with the waybill via paypal. But For other payment method such as Wire transfer,Western Union,MoneyGram,You need to recharge to balance first
Yes, You can request to refund the balance of OSHIP to your paypal or alipay account at any time
Yes, But we need the help of paypal to pay via credit card. Here are the step to do that:
1.Choose paypal as payment method.
2.Click the credit card option in paypal payment page.
oship paypal credit card...


  • Can I stop my shipment after I request to ship ?
  • How can I track my shipment?
  • Why there's no tracking information for the tracking number of my shipment?
  • Is there any size limited for the parcel?
  • What items are not allowed in international shipping?
  • How to ship to Amazon FBA warehouse?
If our working people still not process your shipment,yes, you can cancel it in user center.However, if we have processed it.We can not stop it as it's on the way already.
You can track it by clicking the tracking number in our user center OR copy the tracking number to the courier's office tracking website to get the tracking information.
We have entered the tracking number to OSHIP's system before the courier picking up the waybill. So it usually take one day before tracking number take effect. In the busy season around Christmas day,delay will happen because courier working system over loaded.
Yes.Some shipping method like air mail, it has MAX-weight limited.
And for some shipping method it charge extra for too large size. The rule explain below:
There is another "weight" call "Volume weight", Volume weight= length(cm) * width(cm) * height(cm)/5000 ,If the Volume weight > real weight, Shipping cost will charge by Volume weight
These following products are not allowed or will be charged extra cost in some shipping method:
1. Product with famous brand, such LV,Nike...
2. Battery,or contain battery in your parcel.
3. Liquid or powder
4.Weapon Or Drug--This is 100% not allowed!
First, you can choose any available shipping method in the waybill.Second, you can write the download link of pdf file which include the amazon FBA label in the waybill note area.


  • Will you open my packages ?
  • How do I return the parcel to seller if something wrong with items?
  • What should I do if I have shipped parcel to OSHIP but I never get it received in my account?
Yes. OSHIP will open every package when it arrives at our facility. After opening the package, we will take photo of your items and data enter the content of your item to IT system which will declare to the custom when you request to ship them.
You can process as shipping to an address, but the address is your seller's Chinese address. It's very cheap to ship inside China.
If this case happen, it's possible that parcel is received by OSHIP withour a correct customer ID in the sending address. You need to provide the tracking number and item information to us. We find it from the problem parcels for you.


  • What should I do if I have special requrement in some waybill ?
  • How to contact with you for cooperative intention?
You can submit a ticket in user center to tell us what you want to do. We usually will reply and execute your instructions in 24 hours
You can send email to or