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    Here are the reasons that make normal people difficult to buy from China directly:
  • 1. Difficult to pay -- as Chinese Currency exchange controls, people outside China is not able to own bank account in China and get the Chinese currency to pay for local Chinese mechants. But now, IT payment companies are becoming stronger, you can pay directly with your normal credit card in lots of online selling website in China. The biggest Chinese online selling is open to all over the world, you can register there easily .
  • 2. Difficult in communicating with Chinese seller -- The language problem is always exist between different countries.But it's not as difficult as you imagined. First of all, We have lots of translation software to use now, such as google translate... . Second, Most of Chinese learn English as second language--though still very poor. They can understand simple English if you ask them something. Third, In most of case, you don't need to chat with them, you just need to press the "buy it now" or "add to shopping cart" button to go ahead
  • 3. Difficult to ship internationally -- Most of the local mechant only ship in China because it's much more complex to ship internationally. And they feel not safe to ship internationally in the rule of platform--taobao. This is the problem that we are solving for you. We provide you the warehouse to receive the goods you buy from China. You just need to put our warehouse address as your recipient address in your shopping account. You will be able to check the detail of every parcel of yours in our system.
    Why buy from China directly:
  • 1. products are cheap -- products that "made in China" can be seen everywhere all over the world, becuase it's very cheap. But you will find products even cheaper if you directly purchase locally in China. Products that in Chinese website such as, is much more cheaper than in English website such as,
  • 2. The perfection of industrial chain -- Such as electronic components supply,PCB plate making, Mould makeing, products custom making... lots of famous products are made in China such iphone, nike shoes...

Buy from China


If you are purchasing products from China and reselling to your customer. You can storage the products in our warehouse. We provide services: packaging,combining,spliting to handle your products.Also service for shipping internationlly as fast as arriving in 3 days.

Buy from China