Buying from 1688.com-The final products source
by jiang

Buying from 1688.com-The final products source

Probably you know that you can source cheap products from Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com. You may usually place large orders from Alibaba.com and smaller orders from Aliexpress. But you would never know that actually many of the products those sellers offer are from another Chinese wholesale site called 1688.com(also called Alibaba.cn. It’s .CN, not .COM). It’s not only a Chinese version of Alibaba.com, but also a cheaper source for all kinds of products. Those Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com sellers just bought the items from 1688.com and added prices on the items and sold to you. Or even, only when they have received your orders, they go to order from 1688.com and later ship to you, running their business without any stock. Of course, they won’t tell you about this.
And the fact is more shocking, there are more shopping sites you are familiar with are selling items sourced from 1688.com. This explains why there are so many Chinese sellers in different platforms and where they source the products from. All of these, were hidden to you as secrets and you just don’t know them. The following image shows the relationship: 1688 source...
Apparently, when you purchase products from Alibaba.com and Aliexpress, the items have already been transited between many distributors or resellers, and you actually paid a lot of extra money to them to be their profit, which can be completely saved.
If you are a business man and want to cut down cost and earn more, I believe you now may want to ask yourself why not source from 1688.com directly? Yes, of course you can! As long as you want to do it, you can order from 1688.com directly without knowing Chinese language. All are no problem! I will introduce in following details on how you can make it.

Why you Want to Source from 1688.com?

First, you need to be aware why you want to source from 1688.com original sellers/suppliers. Basically, there are following reasons:
--Walking around resellers and buy products from real original suppliers.
--Cut down your purchasing cost and save money
--Earn more profit margin
However, if you are going to buy products for personal use, for only 1 pc or 2 pcs, or very small quantities or amount, I don’t suggest you do it as 1688.com is still wholesale site and MOQ conditions is usually defined for every item, even though the MOQ is actually very small now. We only suggest wholesaler or resellers to purchase from 1688.com for business.

What products can be purchased from 1688.com?

Basically, there are all categories of items in 1688.com, as long as you can imagine. However, not all items can be purchased by you due to the shipping limitation or shipping cost. For example, if you are trying to ship items via normal express shipping, the following items will be restricted for shipping by air:
--Liquid, Cream,
--Strong magnets
--Knives or gun related items
--Pure batteries.
For some large items, like wooden tables, office chairs, they are large, heavy and cheap in item cost, but shipping them will cost even 3-10 times more than the item cost itself. Even if you ship them in sea cargo, it will still cost a lot. Of course, if you find these items are with enough profit margin in your market considering all costs, you can still go ahead to purchase them.

Who wants to source from 1688.com?

Not only wholesalers want to source from 1688.com, the following users may also want to purchase from 1688.com.
--Company purchasers who purchase for their own companies.
--Solution companies who purchase for their client companies
--Local purchase agents who collect a lot of orders from their end clients
--Local offline market wholesaler and resellers
--Offline Shop owners
--Online resellers like sellers on ebay, amazon, shopify, own websites.
If you are any of the above, you may want to consider purchasing from 1688.com.

How to buy from 1688.com?

1.Search and find the the product:

1688.com is very similar to Alibaba.com, and the only difficulty you are facing to find the product you want is the Chinese language. In order to solve this obstacle, you need the translation tool to get the single page or the whole website translated into your local language

2.Register an account in 1688.com:

You can register both PERSONAL ACCOUNT and COMPANY ACCOUNT. In fact, if you have a taobao account, then you can use taobao account to login directly, no need to register again.

3.fill the shipping address and check out
1688 address...
After fill or choose the shipping address(recommand to oship.cc warehouse address as default address),you can go ahead and pay with the suitable payment method.

Best Practices and Tips:

1.Searching Tips

Due to the machine’s translation, sometimes the translated text may not be 100% accurate, which makes the search result of the products are not correct. Don’t worry and be frustrated in this case. You can simply solve it by trying other words like synonyms to retry the search to find the target products.
Don’t use too long keywords to make the search as it will bring more irrelevant results. You can try using your kernel keywords instead to make the searches.

2.Price and quality

Basically, 1688.com seller/suppliers will list the different prices for the different purchase volumes/quantities. You can get lower price if you purchase more. Also, your order must meet the minimum order condition as it’s the prerequisite for purchasing. If your order quantity is less than the MOQ, your order will not be accepted.

3.Always get samples

Different sellers/providers will offer items with different qualities. You always need to purchase samples or MOQ orders first to check the quality first before you decide big orders. This is every easy to understand, but you always need to keep in mind.

4.Avoid Sensitive and Fragile Items

Some items like knife and gun related items or liquid, batteries items, they are usually restricted by shipping companies and it’s not suggested that you purchase them to bring troubles. For fragile items, you always need to consider the high risk in shipping process as nobody will cover the risk or loss for you